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Record of Miracles, Signs, and Wonders

The best healing that anyone can receive is that of salvation through the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe strongly salvation is the biggest and best miracle you can receive. We find that it's important to show a number of souls that this ministry has walked through salvation and rededication. 

Souls Won -492 and counting

We are continuously receiving feedback about what the Lord has done. Sharing your testimony helps increase the faith of others and most importantly gives God the glory. After receiving prayer from Jivel, people have reported supernatural weight loss, opened wombs from barrenness, physical healing, emotional healing, mental healing, deliverance, and more. We have several years of testimonies recorded.

Review th list below. It contains reported miracles, signs, wonders, deliverance, creative miracles and any testimonies about supernatural experiences.

Have you received healing and deliverance from this ministry? Please report it to us right away. 

Please include the date of your experience, name, location, and full testimony. Email us a video testimonial at or post the video on social media and tag Jivel Tousand.

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