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Join Apostle Jivel Tousand for Woman Be Healed 2021
(Healing Gathering)

Come to experience:
Healing in your mind and body.
Birthing out your gifts and destiny.
Divine Connections

God has anointed Jivel to demonstrate LOVE, HEALING, DELIVERANCE, the PROPHETIC and other gifts to minister to the heart of God's people.

Many have experienced healing, unlocking of gifts, birthing out their assignment, restoration, and more. You can find documents testimonies on and social media.

Participants must register for Woman Be Healed 2021 on and then they will receive the link to make payment for the cruise.

If for any reason, the cruise is canceled, participants will a refund from Carnival for what they paid Carnival for the actual cruise. Participants can also obtain a full refund with Carnival up until the date of the final payment.

The registration fee for Woman Be Healed is NON-REFUNDABLE and if the cruise is canceled, the event will be held at the Deliverance and Healing Center on 5/8/2021 located in San Marcos, TX.

Rates for 2 adults per room
Interior: $889.28
Oceanview: $1,083.28
Balcony: $1,263.28

3 adults to a room
Interior: $1,090.92
Ocean view: $1,284.92
Balcony: $1,464.92

4 adults to a room:
Interior: $1,292.56
Oceanview: NA
Balcony: $1,666.56

5 adults per room:
Interior: Not available
Ocean view: $1,868.20

The above prices include taxes, fees, and port charges. Room rates are split between roomies.

*Please note that insurance and gratuity are additional.
Insurance starts at $49/person and must be included in the second payment due date
Gratuity is $13.95 per person/per day and can be prepaid or included in the overall cruise total

Tentative Payment Due Dates**
$50/person deposit due 8/15/20 (this deposit will reserve your cabin)
$150/person due 1/1/21 (cabins will be assigned at this time)
Remaining balance due 2/15/21 (final payment)

Woman Be Healed

  • Beloved, there are no refunds for this registration. Cruise deposit refunds are available.

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