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"The Dress"

The Dress” was worn only once by Author Jivel Tousand during the photo shoot for the cover of the book, “Falling in Love After Divorce.” It is a white size 4 Oleg Cassini designer dress. The dress is brand new and still has all the tags. This dress was originally purchased by Jivel Tousand in hopes of getting married. Even though she did get married after she purchased the dress, she did not wear it. Jivel says, “Initially, of course, I thought that I was purchasing the dress for myself, but I didn’t realize that purchased it to bless someone else.”


For every Amazon book review on Jivel Tousand’s book, “Falling in Love After Divorce,” you may submit a request to have a well deserving friend, family, member or even yourself as a candidate for “The Dress.”


All entries must include:

  1. The name, phone number, address, picture and date of birth of the recipient 

  2. The name, phone number, address, picture, and date of birth of the groom to be

  3. Proof of the verified Amazon review for the book, “Falling in Love After Divorce”

  4. A background story of the Bride-to-Be’s relationship history and current status, must be 10-25 sentences. This will be an explanation of what the recipient has endured which may include but not limited to verbal and or physical abuse, arrest, rape, and abandonment. (Please provide information that can be used on social media sites)

  5. Confirmation of wedding date and plans

  6. Documented proof of marriage counseling from an ordained Christian Pastor including the church address and phone number.


The Author will present the dress at a book signing in the Austin Texas area or where the recipient resides. Travel fees may be required.


The applicant story and picture will be posted on social media which will provide encouragement and support in her new journey. The person that receives the gifts will be featured on Jivel Tousand’s social media sites.

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